Friday, January 1, 2010

Jessica alba naked. Like it.

Jessica alba naked. New pics from google.

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Jessica Alba Jensen Ackles & Film Clip Question!? J ' saw a small clip (like 5 seconds) by Jensen Ackles and Jessica Alba all. Im assuming its the show Dark Angel (DA) such that ' he was a fan video for DA. It shows Jensen and Jessica (Alec and Max im guessing) kiss in bed, and at least top-half-naked (but Jessica is covered with tarpaulins. Sorry guys) Anyway, this bugging me was as I cannot figure d ' where this clip is from. I dont think its from DA, because I know that show fairly well, but I do not think Jensen and Jessica have done anything else together. ' N It is not a clip of her personal and professional course, filmed, and Im sure that it is ' Jensen and Jessica because he looks like them and the video is about Alec and Max together. J ' I also think that DONT c ' is a photoshop or use of computer manipulation, because everything is easy to edit pictures, video sequences in real movement is much more difficult, and it looks real . Does anyone ' one knows where this clip is, or something more about it, because it ' makes me mad! S ' you please help if you can. BTW, im not weird to miss knowing where this particular clip came from. I would ask the same question he ' s ' s ' d acted different clip (without them, kiss d ' or ' No matter what) I couldnt place or know where it came from. Thank you a thousand times for any replys / answers. ) Jaz Go to and scroll up to ' you reach the bit DARK Alec. The video is here, and the clip is halfway through. Thank you.
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